Do you treat individuals under 18 years old?

Yes! I have several clients under 18 years old and I have over 15 years of experience working primarily with adolescents.  

Are you available to do guest lectures or provide CEUs?

Yes! I typically present on technology and process addictions as well as interventions used for young adults struggling with substance abuse.  I have experience in leading half day or full day seminars and lectures.  

Is group for me?

I have always believed in the power group work.  I have seen lasting change in the clients that have been in long-term group therapy.  Working on yourself in a group setting helps clients to hear feedback from their peers which provides new insight into your own feelings and behaviors.

What is your fee?

 My typical fee is $150 for individual therapy (60 min)  and $60 for group therapy (90min).  I am willing to work with any family or individual who would struggle with this price. With a license, I am able to provide the documentation required for families to receive reimbursements from their insurance.  Please call to discuss my consulting and seminar fee. 

Do you do consulting for new or already existing businesses?

Yes! One of my many passions is being of service to those in my community starting up a halfway house or outpatient practice.  Providing guidance on the needs of the Philadelphia metropolitan area; as well as how to start a program are both within my expertise.  I also enjoy mentoring and supervising my peers, I find great fulfillment from this.  

What type of theoretical orientation do you practice from? 

I am a strong believer in the eclectic approach to therapy.  I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance commitment therapy and motivational interviewing.  I am a proponent of experiential therapy having had experience working with a colleague facilitating equine therapy.  Individualized care is at the forefront of every case I work with therefore I tailor the types of interventions I use specifically for each client.  I have found this approach to be the most effective in creating lasting change. 

When do you see clients?

I typically see clients Monday through Friday with flexible hours.  I have morning, afternoon and evening appointments available.  I am available for seminars and workshops on the weekends.